Why Should You Invest in a Modern IT Documentation Software?


Louis-Philippe Joly


January 12, 2022

A company’s IT infrastructure, just like a production line in a traditional industry, must be documented and updated as often as possible to ensure its maintainability. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of IT infrastructures, define the mechanism of maintaining an infrastructure, and finally the solutions that are available to you.

IT infrastructure is at the heart of our modern businesses and across industries.

Planning an architecture and implementation requires many hours of work and a lot of manpower, which is often executed by external subcontractors. It is a large, but crucial investment. To ensure the maintainability of your infrastructures and prevent any problems from arising, IT documentation is produced and made available to architects.

Evolution of the IT Infrastructure

A few years ago, IT infrastructures were mainly physical and managed on-premises. However, in order to ensure quality service and high availability, both for your customers and internal use, companies are increasingly migrating to cloud services like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. These cloud providers allow more flexibility and help you to scale your infrastructure to accommodate changes in storage and workflow demands.

Maintainability of Your IT Infrastructure

To ensure the maintainability of your infrastructure, several factors must be taken into consideration.

Having complete and updated IT documentation and using modern tools will allow you to easily navigate through the various components of your IT infrastructure. Clear and thorough documentation is essential to understand the extent and complexity of the resources used by your company.

Having such IT documentation will help you to quickly identify a potential problem or plan cost reductions on machines. For this to be possible, the documentation must be of high quality, systematically up to date, and easily searchable. Which explains the need to be equipped with modern and efficient tools.

Cloudockit and Cloud Documentation

The use of Cloudockit will allow you to schedule and automate the generation of your documentation according to your preferences both in terms of content and format, but also in terms of frequency (every month, every day, etc). Cloudockit gives you the option of generating detailed reports and high-level reports that can easily be shared with executives or other team members.

Cloudockit IT Portal – IT Documentation Software

Coupled with Cloudockit, our new tool, Cloudockit IT Portal, will give you access to your IT documentation directly from a dynamic and intuitive interface in SharePoint Online. IT Portal will allow you to manage your IT documentation, track performance and security, add details to your resources, and much more.

For example, in the Application section of the Cloudockit IT Portal dashboard, you can view all the resources scanned by Cloudockit and the change history. In fact, thanks to the “Major changes History” section, you can consult all the resources that have been added since the last scan and consult the documentation associated with these new or old resources.

The investment you will make in a modern documentation tool will allow you to take full control of your IT infrastructure and ensure its high availability.