Auto-Refreshed Diagrams for Visio, Preview Your Tailored Diagrams, & Cloudockit Now Mobile Friendly

Instantly Preview Your Tailored Diagrams

Cloudockit now enables you to preview your Tailored Diagrams as you are building them. Simply drag and drop your components in the easy-to-use tool and instantly preview your diagram.

This new feature will save you time by visualizing your architecture diagram before waiting for the generation to complete. Large architectures can take a long time to complete.

If you need more information on Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams, click here, or navigate directly to Cloudockit and start customizing your architecture diagrams.

Auto-Refreshed Architecture Diagrams for Visio

Even if Cloudockit generates the most organized diagrams on the market, they might not be exactly the way you like. From now on, Cloudockit will automatically refresh the architecture diagrams you edited without changing any of the metadata.

Your work will not be erased after you spent your valuable time moving your shapes around. If new workloads are added to your cloud infrastructure, they will be added to the side of your diagram. Furthermore, if you use Cloudockit’s Tailored Diagrams, the need to move shapes will be very minimal.

Click here to find out more on Auto-Refreshed Diagrams.

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Use Cloudockit on the Go

Cloudockit SaaS is now fully mobile-friendly. You can enjoy the same features as our desktop web browser version. Connect to Cloudockit on the go, on a business trip, or just for fun!

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