Azure, AWS & Google Cloud Visio Stencils to build your Diagrams

Today we are proud to make our Cloudockit Visio Stencil available to everyone as a Free Download.

This stencil is the one used internally by Cloudockit to automatically build diagrams like this:

Azure, AWS, GCP Visio Diagram
Azure, AWS, GCP Visio Diagram

There are already some stencils available to download and we have re-used a lot of these standards stencils:

All these stencils are very useful but we found that there are some drawbacks that come with these stencils when you start diagraming with them:

  • Of course, they are not standardized between each other (Azure, AWS & GCP) so as soon as you start using them, you loose some time to resize them or to change the PIN Position of the masters
  • Look & Feel across the existing stencils is not coherent
  • There are no 3D shapes available to draw 3D Isometric Visio Diagrams
  • Some of the shapes provided are ‘Clunky’ (sometimes grouped, sometimes not grouped…)
  • Text management bellow the shape is not well done in the existing stencils. In our case we have standardized that

To navigate in the stencil that we provide, you can click on Stencil Explorer in the toolbar:

and then, in the Drawing Explorer, you can click on Masters and you will get the list of all Masters:

All the 3D Shapes are at the beginning of the list and they all start with 3D followed by the name of the 2D shapes.

As you can see when you explore the stencils, we have all the standard components that are included in the stencil:

  • Azure: Virtual Machine, Storage, Scale Set, Virtual Network, App Services, CosmoDB…
  • AWS: EC2 Instances, Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 Buckets…
  • GCP: VPC, App Engine, VM Instance, Kubernetes…
  • On-premise: Hyper-V & VMWare Hosts, Virtual Machines, Hard Drives…

Most important thing to conclude this blog post, the link to download the stencil:

Download Visio Stencils


As always, feedback are more than welcome !



  • Please note the disclaimer concerning the allowed usage of the stencil: This stencil is provided free of charge by Cloudockit ( This stencil may not be resold, redistributed or otherwise conveyed to a third party. This stencil cannot be reused to developed any kind of tool.
  • If you want to know more about the automatic diagram generation feature provided by Cloudockit, please refer to

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