Visio stencils for Azure, AWS & Google Cloud

Built your own architecture diagrams using Cloudockit’s free downloadable Visio stencils library.

Cloudockit is delighted to make their Visio Stencils available as a FREE download. These stencils are used by Cloudockit to automatically build cloud and on-premises architecture diagrams for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. As an added bonus, you can also use these stencils for Hyper-V and VMware.

As you might know, your cloud providers already make standard stencils available for download, and we have re-used a lot of them. Although very useful, we found many drawbacks to using the standard stencils for diagramming. Here’s why:

    • There is no standardization between cloud providers (Azure, AWS, and GCP). You will waste time resizing the shapes or changing the PIN position of the masters
    • The look and feel of the existing stencils are not coherent
    • There are no 3D shapes available to draw 3D Isometric Visio diagrams
    • Some of the shapes provided are clunky: sometimes grouped, sometimes not grouped.
    • Text management below the shapes is challenging.

Cloudockit was able to standardize the stencils to avoid all drawbacks mentioned above.

This is an example of an Azure diagram generated with Cloudockit stencils:

Navigating in a Stencil

To navigate in a stencil provided by Cloudockit:

    • In the toolbar, click on Stencil Explorer
    • Then, in the Drawing Explorer, click on Masters to view the list of all Masters

The 3D Shapes are at the beginning of the list and start with 3D, followed by the name of the 2D shapes (e.g., 3DAPP Service)

Naturally, all of the standard components are included in the stencils:

    • Azure Visio stencils: Virtual Machine, Storage, Scale Set, Virtual Network, App Services, Cosmos DB, and more.
    • AWS Visio stencils: EC2 Instances, Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 Bucket, and more.
    • GCP Visio stencils: VPC, App Engine, VM Instance, Kubernetes, and more.
    • On-premises: Hyper-V & VMWare Hosts, Virtual Machines, Hard Drives, and more.

Cloudockit can automatically generate architecture diagrams!

Save your company time and money and avoid making catastrophic mistakes by letting Cloudockit make diagrams for you!

Cloudockit generates 2D and 3D fully editable Visio diagrams of your cloud and on-premises environments. The diagrams are also embedded in a Word, PDF, or Excel document, giving it a professional look.

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