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Now more than ever, cloud services are the foundation of business operations.

With businesses across every industry adopting cloud-based applications, infrastructures, and services, ​​cloud service providers (CSPs) have their hands full.

To answer any of the following questions with a definitive  “yes”, it is essential to rely on up-to-date and comprehensive cloud documentation:

    • Are you in compliance with industry and vendor regulations? Can you meet audit requirements?
    • Do you have clear processes and procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively to a cyberattack?
    • Do you have a reliable source of information to help teams troubleshoot and resolve issues in the event of an outage?
    • Do you have enough data to make informed decisions on spending, updates/upgrades, resources allocation, and budget?

Allocate Your Resources to What Adds the Most Value!

Typically, documenting and creating cloud diagrams involves a lot of tedious and time-consuming manual work. You must record detailed information about every cloud asset – workspaces, data assets, operational and configuring assets, metadata, relationships, and more – logging it on Excel spreadsheets that are error-prone and impossible to keep current. Time spent creating technical documentation and cloud architecture diagrams by hand could be better allocated to monitoring and optimizing customers’ environments – and potentially taking on more clients.

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Having Cloudockit automatically generate technical reports and diagrams will save you time and resources and help you attract more clients. What’s more, providing clients with comprehensive and accurate cloud documentation helps you stand out from your competition.

With access to detailed cloud architecture documentation, CPSs can:

    • Visualize cloud spending to optimize expenses and billing.
    • Identify misconfigurations and potential security vulnerabilities.
    • Easily monitor and comply with required rules, policies, and regulations, and pinpoint potential non-compliance issues.
    • Track and monitor essential details such as cloud component and application settings, network interfaces, launch configurations, warnings, and more.
    • Easily observe, track and report on changes to the environment.

Full Visibility Across Cloud Architectures

With Cloudockit, it takes minutes to generate editable and customizable diagrams with Visio, diagrams.net, and Lucidchart.

Exhaustive Out-of-the-Box Reports

Technical documents generated by Cloudockit include an executive summary, billing details, compliance, and security report, a breakdown of cloud components and applications, and a detailed list of changes.

For easy sharing with clients and other stakeholders, you can export your reports as Word, PDF, and HTML.

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