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IT Documentation Management Platform

Gain control of your IT documentation with Cloudockit IT Portal in Confluence. Automatically scan your cloud and on-premises infrastructures to obtain a full overview of your applications, resources, and the IT documentation related to them.

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Let Cloudockit Scan Your IT Assets and Manage the Information in Confluence

Unlike other IT documentation management software, approximately 80% of your valuable information will be detected by Cloudockit. Afterward, you will have the freedom to manage your IT documentation directly in your Confluence account.

Automatically Scan Your IT Assets to Discover Your IT Landscape

Quickly discover all the applications and resources in your cloud and on-prem environments to increase the visibility of your IT documentation.

Manage Your IT Documentation in a Structured Way

IT Portal in Confluence lets you compare historical data. Accurately compare your data from any previous scan by comparing various Confluence pages.

IT Documentation of Your Preferred Cloud & On-Premises Environments

Add Tags, Applications, and Resources Without Impacting Your Cloud’s Infrastructure

Easily add labels to your resources without impacting your cloud environment. This enables you to quickly identify important resources or assets that need to be monitored closely.

Add Important Documentation & Details Relating to Your Applications & Resources

After scanning all your IT assets, Cloudockit IT Portal in Confluence will enable you to view the status of your applications and enter the missing details. Easily add documentation such as a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), a Service Level Agreement (SLA), or API documentation.

Discover the Links Between Your Applications & Resources

Cloudockit IT Portal in Confluence enables you to view the links between each resource and application to help you gain a better understanding of the important dependencies between each of them.

Easily Access & Share Your Cloudockit Reports

Cloudockit IT Portal in Confluence will store your Cloudockit reports in one easy place. Let your team access the reports at any time without the need for special privileges.

The software will also automatically create folders neatly organized by date scanned.

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Cloudockit Autogenerates Architecture Diagrams and Technical Documenation

Fully understand your Cloud with automated architecture diagrams and technical documentation. At Cloudockit, we deliver the tools that help you understand and master your IT cloud environment.

Editable Architecture Diagrams

Easily visualize your cloud’s architecture in a matter of minutes instead of creating your diagrams by hand.

Generate fully editable 2D and 3D diagrams of both your Cloud and on-premises environments. You will be able to instantly view your Cloud’s architecture and if needed, quickly edit your diagrams with Visio, diagrams.net, or Lucidchart.

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Technical Documentation

Reduce the risk of errors by letting Cloudockit create technical documentation for you.

Create a complete Word, PDF, or HTML document of both your cloud and on-premises environments. Define your custom templates to work with your own style and proudly show your work to your team and management.

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