Custom Compliance Rules & Tailored Diagrams Available for Cloudockit Desktop & Container

Tailored Diagrams for Cloudockit Desktop and Container

One of the most important features of Cloudockit just became easier to use for Cloudockit Desktop and Cloudockit Container users. You can now create your Tailored Diagrams directly within the apps. Previously, to create your templates, you needed to import them from Cloudockit SaaS. Head to your preferred Cloudockit solution and create your Tailored Diagrams now.

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Custom Compliance Rules for Cloudockit Desktop and Container

One thing that sets us apart from other cloud diagramming and technical documentation solutions is our extensive list of compliance rules. To make this feature even better, Cloudockit enables you to create your own rules, custom to your company’s needs, which is now available in Cloudockit Desktop and Container.

To start creating your rules, navigate to Cloudockit and click on Compliance.

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