Enhancements to Cloudockit Container, Excel Reports with Resources Tags, & an Improved Admin Portal

Cloudockit Container

Cloudockit has made some upgrades to the Container solution starting with its Web UI. The Cloudockit Container Web UI allows you to log in with your Azure Active Directory Account to scan subscriptions. You are no longer required to have an Azure Active Directory App Registration to initiate scans. Simply use your login to generate your reports.

Cloudockit Container now offers effortless management of API endpoints that enable you to view or stop documentation from running. This enables you to give permissions directly to your Container without having to manage any logins or passwords.

Lastly, Cloudockit Container now also supports API calls using Managed Identity. Easily give privileges to the container to scan your Azure Subscriptions. With Managed Identity, you can also see which document generation is running and stop them when you want.

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Excel Reports with Resources Tags

Cloudockit has made even more improvements to your Excel documents. From now on, each Excel document will have a tab containing a list of all the tags for each of your resources. This allows you to view all of the tags for your resources in one place instead of sporadically across multiple reports.

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Improved Admin Portal

The admin’s account information can be found on Cloudockit’s login page and now allows you to see much more information. In a single view, you have access to your product key, the expiry date, and the list of active users on your license. There is also a quick link to email our support team if you need a user to be removed.

The Admin Portal also gives you access to your Stripe customer portal with the opportunity to change your credit card, manage your subscription, update your contact email address, and download your past invoices. We also included a quick link to give access to a colleague or finance department.

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