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How to generate reports for environments with huge amount of resources

When you generate documents and diagrams with Cloudockit, you may end up receiving this kind of message:

The document generation process has automatically be killed after 24 hours. It looks like the documents that you are trying to generate are too big to be used.

This can happen if your environment is huge with tens of thousands of resources.

If this happens, it means that the documents you are trying to generate have been stopped. Even if generated, they would have been almost unusable for you.

Here are multiple ways you can manage the size of the documents you generate:

  • From the Organize Content Tab, limit the number of workloads you generate
  • From the Organize Content Tab, use filters to exclude some resources based on Tags or Ressource Groups
  • Do not choose reports if you do not need them. For example, the JSON report if required only if you plan to do some kind of development/work with that file
  • Do not choose to generate 3D diagrams if you are not using them
  • Do not choose all the diagram types if you are not using them

If you are still having issues and you want to generate huge documents, then please use Cloudockit Desktop where you will be able to run your reports/diagrams generation for an unlimited period of time.

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