Lucidscale vs. Cloudockit

Cloudockit is the most comprehensive, versatile, and advanced cloud documentation software on the market.

Unlike other tools, we do much more than diagrams.

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The best software to gain complete visibility across your cloud environments

1 – Cloudockit is an all-in-one solution to cloud documentation

Diagramming is a crucial step to fully visualizing, understanding, optimizing, and monitoring your cloud environments, but it’s not enough. In fact, up-to-date cloud technical reports are a prerequisite for making informed decisions on cloud strategy, spending, security, and compliance, along with tracking changes in your cloud infrastructures.

You can now skip the manual tracking of your assets and quickly autogenerate technical reports and diagrams covering the entirety of your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments!

2 – More versions to meet your needs and security requirements

Cloudockit is available in 3 different versions:

    • SaaS: quickly start documenting and securing your cloud while we host everything for you. Cloudockit SaaS uses native APIs from Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to retrieve the metadata it needs to find the dependencies between components.
    • Desktop: created for organizations that restrict the use of SaaS. Install Cloudockit Desktop on any Windows environment to execute everything locally, in your own environment.
    • Container: make unlimited API calls and initiate/schedule the generation of your diagrams and reports directly from your own pipelines and processes.

3 – With Cloudockit, you are not tied to a single diagramming tool

Cloudockit is an intuitive software that creates an automated view of your current cloud architecture with fully editable Visio, diagrams.net and Lucidchart diagrams. It means you won’t have to learn new tools, thus saving time and money.

4 – Enhanced diagram readability

Diagrams generated by Cloudockit are optimized for cloud computing landscapes, with standard layouts, and icons commonly used by infrastructure architects. With Cloudockit, you can specify how your cloud components are laid out, filter your diagrams by resource group, applications, and workload type or use tailored diagrams to only display the information you and your stakeholders need.

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Cloudockit stands out in many other ways:

Cloudockit is not a newcomer

Since 2015, our team of experts has been continuously refining our product in line with customers’ needs and feedback, contributing to our well-deserved reputation as a leader in our field.

Change tracking and advanced scheduling

Schedule Cloudockit to generate documentation on a regular basis and get a highlight of the changes in your accounts. Specify the options you prefer in the REST API to include your own conditions and specifications, and integrate Cloudockit into your processes and applications. For each cloud component, easily observe both in your diagrams and reports the changes made since your last document generation.

Auto-refreshed diagrams

Never miss updates or security breaches by having Cloudockit automatically refresh your diagrams. After you modify your cloud diagrams in Visio, Cloudockit will update the metadata of each shape without making any changes to your previous edits. If new components are detected during the scan, they will be automatically added to your diagrams.

Tailored diagrams

With our tailored diagrams, you are able to specify how your cloud components are laid out based on the different types of links Cloudockit detects. Our user interface allows you to save your preferred diagram settings as templates for easy access at any time. To streamline the process, Cloudockit automatically lists all the component types detected. The possibilities are endless!

Try Cloudockit without any constraints; we will not ask for payment information.

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Data Security 100% Guaranteed

We built Cloudockit with a focus on security.  All the documents are generated in memory, in an isolated process and no sensitive information is stored on disk.

Your Login Information Remains Unknown

We will never record your credentials. With a smooth integration, we are using the latest security best practices to ensure a secure experience.

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