Cloudockit Desktop Plus New Workloads for AWS & Azure

Release Note v3.18

Cloudockit newest release includes a rebranded Cloudockit Desktop application that now supports creation of Automation Profiles, new workloads in Azure & AWS and finally additional information in Excel files.

Cloudockit Desktop

Complete rebrand of our Cloudockit Standalone Application that is now Cloudockit Desktop

Cloudockit Desktop logo

  • Cloudockit Desktop now supports the creation of Automation Profiles (basic default settings) without having to navigate to the Cloudockit website
  • AWS Gov and Azure Gov now fully supported
  • Custom Templates can be used in Cloudockit Desktop
  • You can now Schedule and also simply start a documentation generation
  • Rebranded User Guide with more details

New Features for Cloud Diagrams

  • Ability to use colored boxes to display dependencies instead of arrows (helps for readability of diagrams like networks diagrams)

Dependencies in visio diagrams

  • Warnings with descriptions are now displayed in the diagrams near the shapes where the warnings applies:

Warnings with descriptions for visio diagrams

  • Generic Resources can be hidden from the diagrams

  • Improvement on how Cloudockit can find your business applications: you can specify regular expression on Resource Group Names and evaluate the results directly from the interface:

automatically detect application

  • Excel Reports now contain a first tab with all warnings:

Excel report will all warnings


Support of the following new workloads:

  • Simple System Management 

AWS simple system management

  • Simple Workflow

aws simple workflow

  • Elastic Map Reduce

Elastic Map Reduce clusterdemo

  • Cloud Search 

Cloud search

  • Cloud Formation
  • CodePipeline

cope pipeline demo

  • New icons for AWS diagrams have been released. They are now included by default in the Word Documents and Diagrams. If you prefer to keep using the old one, you can still do that.
  • VPN Site-to-Site Connection & Customer Gateways are now fully documented


Support of the following new workloads:

  • Data Factory

azure data factory

  • New Resources Hiearchy Diagram with details about the security inheritance from Management Group to Resource level

azure Resources Hiearchy Diagram

  • Bot Service is now documented and Cloudockit detects the App Services that connects to the Bot Service

azure bot service

Document Default Template new Brand

We have refreshed the Cloudockit Reports first page to make it much better:

cloudockit Document Default Template

Bug fixes

  • CDK-575 : Hidden tags should not be displayed
  • CDK-258 : Too much space on Visio Networks diagrams
  • CDK-523 : Hide Assesment section if no Compliance Rule is selected
  • CDK-802 : Display Tag List in the Resource Group section
  • CDK-803 : Some Azure VM Information missing
  • CDK-576 : Azure Policies that are built-in should be hidden
  • CDK-832 : AWS System Manager duplicates
  • CDK-748 : Only first 50 AWS Lambda get scanned in specific circumstances
  • CDK-841 : Billing dates issues in Cloudockit Desktop

Try all this new features right now !

Check-out all the release notes if you missed one.