New Services Added for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform + Bug Fixes

New Services Added


Front Door

Azure front door

Azure front door diagrams

Improvements on Existing Services

  • Azure Site Slots are now scanned
  • Azure Service EndPoints are now fully documented in Virtual Networks


Transit Gateway

aws transit gateways


  • Cloudockit now supports AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Deployment Diagrams

With Cloudockit, you can now create diagrams per Environment. This will automatically create a diagram with one tab for QA, one tab for Production and so on.

cloudockit deployment diagrams

Filter by Azure Tag

You can now filter by Tag when you scan your Azure Environment.

Filter by GCP Project

You are not able to filter the project you want to scan in your GCP environment:

Cloudockit filter by projects

PDF Output supported

You can now generate PDF documents within Cloudockit:

Cloudockit user interface

Lucidchart Diagram now supported

In addition to Visio and Draw.io you are now able to automatically generate your 2D diagrams with Lucidchart. As always, this new feature works for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware and Hyper-V.

Here is a preview of the diagrams you will be able to generate:


AWS diagrams in lucidchart


Azure diagrams in lucidchart

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platfotm diagrams in lucidchart

New Layout to improve diagram quality

Cloudockit created a new algorithm that reposition shapes to decrease the number of overlapping arrows and crossing connections. Diagrams are now much easier to read.

Cloudockit improved 2D diagram

Table of Contents in Diagrams

Cloudockit now automatically generates a table of contents on the First Page so that you can easily understand what gets included in your diagrams

Change How “Names” are Retrieved in Azure

You can now choose if you want to use a Tag to represent the Name of a component in Azure.


CDK-71 : Issue with Azure Storage with AAD App Authentication

CDK-1169 : BluePrints not scanned

CDK-1127 : On-Premises Diagram generation fails for specific configuration

CDK-1154 : Issue with Cloudockit Desktop with specific Culture

CDK-221 : Draw.io Icons are not well rendered