Cloudockit’s New UI and New Output Formats Available

The Cloudockit team would like to present its brand new user interface.

Cloudockit's new login page

Where settings are now better organized and more intuitive.

Cloudockit's new UI

Diagrams Features

  • You can now use different colors to show links (like VNET Peering)
  • More dependencies are now detected
  • You now get warning icons in the diagrams with details about what is wrong
Architecture diagram showing VNET peering and warning icons

Cloudockit Desktop is Now Officially Released

  • With Cloudockit Desktop, you get the exact same features as the beloved Cloudockit website, the only difference is that Cloudockit desktop executes locally in your environment. You can install the software on any Windows environment; it can be in your workstation, a virtual machine hosted in your on-premises environment or hosted in your preferred cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform.
  • For more information click here

API is Now Available

  • Cloudockit REST Api is now available in Preview mode
  • You can leverage the API to integrate Cloudockit to your CI/CD pipeline
Cloudockit REST Api available in Preview mode
  • Click here for more information

New Output Format Available

  • We now support JSON output
  • Click here for more information

Compliance Rules

  • We have updated our Compliance Rules to make it a lot easier to use
  • You can now Evaluate your rules without having to generate full documentation
  • New Compliance Rules engine and many rules added.
  • Click here for more information
Cloudockit compliance rules

Bug fixes

  • CDL-1234 : Manage AWS Throttling to avoid process stuck on EC2 Instances scan
  • CDK-1652: Azure Gov login issues
  • CDK-1583: Excel file corruption
  • CDK-1750: Issue when Audit PDF and word selected
  • CDK-195: Issue with on-prem diagram generation