v3.18 – Release Notes

Cloudockit v3.18 release includes a rebranded Cloudockit Desktop application that now support creation of Automation Profile, new workloads in Azure & AWS and also additional information in Excel files.

Cloudockit Desktop

  • Complete rebrand of our Cloudockit Standalone Application that is now Cloudockit Desktop

  • Cloudockit Desktop now supports the creation of Automation Profile (basic default settings) without having to navigate to the Cloudockit website
  • AWS Gov and Azure Gov now fully supported
  • Custom Templates can be used in Cloudockit Desktop
  • You can now Schedule and also simply Start a documentation generation.
  • Rebrand of User Guide for more details


  • Ability to use colored boxes to display dependencies instead of arrows (help for readibility for diagrams like networks diagrams)

  • Warnings with description are now displayed in the Diagrams near the shape where the warning applies:

  • Generic Resources can be hidden from the Diagrams

  • Improvement on how Cloudockit can find your business applications : you can specify regular expression on Resource Group Names and evaluate the results directly from the interface:

  • Excel Reports now contain a first tab with all the warnings:


  • Support of the following new workloads :
    • Simple System Management¬†

    • Simple Workflow

    • Elastic Map Reduce

    • Cloud Search¬†

    • Cloud Formation
    • CodePipeline


  • Support of the following new workload :
    • Data Factory

  • New Resources Hiearchy Diagram with details about the security inheritance from Management Group to Resource level.

Bug fixes

  • CDK-575 : Hidden tags should not be displayed
  • CDK-258 : Too much space on Visio Networks diagrams
  • CDK-523 : Hide Assesment section if no Compliance Rule is selected
  • CDK-802 : Display Tag List in the Resource Group section
  • CDK-803 : Some Azure VM Information missing
  • CDK-576 : Azure Policies that are built-in should be hidden
  • CDK-832 : AWS System Manager duplicates
  • CDK-748 : Only first 50 AWS Lambda get scanned in specific circumstances
  • CDK-841 : Billing dates issues in Cloudockit Desktop

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Check-out all the release notes if you missed one.