Drop-off in Github & Azure DevOps, Tailored Diagrams Improvements, and Compliances Rules Update

GitHub & Azure DevOps Drop-off locations

Cloudockit now enables you to drop your documents in GitHub and Azure DevOps Repository. You now have 9 drop-off options including email, personal storage, Cloudockit storage, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, CallBack URL, Teams, and now GitHub and Azure DevOps. For more information on how to configure the 2 new drop-off locations, click on the links below.

GitHub / Azure DevOps Repository

Resources Without Compliance Rules

In your documentation, resources for where no Compliance Rule applies now show a grey icon instead of a green icon. Previously, the green icon falsely represented good Compliance Rules.

Were you aware that Cloudockit lets you create your own Compliance Rules? You can even easily share them with your entire team to ensure compliance across your company.

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Tailored Diagrams Improvements

Tailored Diagrams are Cloudockit’s newest diagrams upgrade. The feature allows you to easily customize your architecture diagrams. With a few clicks, specify how your cloud components are laid out based on the different types of links Cloudockit is able to detect.

With the newest release, Cloudockit now creates built-in Tailored Diagrams for Virtual Machines, SQL Servers, App Services, and much more. Try it out today with Cloudockit SaaS which you can import to Cloudockit Desktop.

To reduce the chance of making mistakes, when dropping components with Tailored Diagrams, you will receive a warning when trying to embed components with no aggregate relationship.

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