Great new feature: Tailored Documents

Create your own Cloudockit templates and customize your Word/PDF reports.

How to create and generate tailored reports

On the Reports page, the new Tailored Documents feature allows for complete customization.

You can still select standard Cloudockit templates (Full, Essential, Executive, Billing, Changes), but you now have the possibility to create and save your own personalized templates. Please note that this feature will ultimately replace the Cloudockit Templates section.

1. To start customizing your template, navigate to the Documents page and click the New Template button.

2. From the Tailored Document page, you can choose exactly what you want your report to contain:

– Split your report by tag or workload (or by resource group for Azure).
– Select only the sections that are relevant to you.
– For convenience, don’t hesitate to click on the below icons to collapse/expand all the available items in the list.

3. In the Additional settings section, click the Automatically add upcoming workload sections checkbox if you want newly added workloads to be included by default in your reports. If you realize that one of these workloads is irrelevant to you, just go back to your tailored template and uncheck it.

Once your template is finished, you’ll need to select it in order to get a customized report.